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Ladybug Birthday Party

Yesterday we celebrated Ellie’s 3rd Birthday. The theme was ladybugs and we went all out! It was sooooo fun! Everything was perfect! The cake was amazing!! We got it from Baker Wee, which I highly recommend. The cake was so yummy! We had tons of ladybug decorations and then on the tables, I spread out oreo cookies to look like spots! We even had a bounce house for the kids. For party favors I gave each child a bag with a little bug catcher filled with REAL ladybugs and little magnifying glasses. It was a HUGE hit. The kids loved to look at the bugs. Of course they were all instructed to take them home and release them in their gardens :) Here are a few photos from the day:

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Happy First Birthday Macy!

Our very good friends’ daughter turned 1 yesterday!! On Saturday her family threw her a party and asked me to take some photographs! She looked so sweet and had a wonderful time. The kids all loved the flower cake with the surprise skittles in the middle.  Here are a few photos from the night:




Easter was good too! Ellie fell asleep in church (3rd year in a row!) and then the family all headed over to the park for a picnic. We do it every year and it’s very low key and the kids all have a great time.  I will post some photos later :) On Saturday we headed over to our friend Abby and Gary’s house for their neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt, Ellie and Anna had a blast! I’ll post pics of that later too! Ok off to get some work done!

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Happy Birthday Dan!!

My little brother turned 33 today.. I guess he’s not so little anymore! Last night we all went to my cousin’s house for dinner and my fabulous cupcakes!! LOL Actually they didn’t turn out too bad! My brother is a great guy and very eligible ladies!! :) Here are some pictures from last night.. I love the one of the cupcakes!!




Ellie wanted the cupcakes so bad.. all night she kept asking for them and we kept telling her she had to wait until after dinner.. she was beside herself. Eventually she did get her cupcake and all was well in the world.. *sigh* It’s rough being 2.

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