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Catching up

I feel like it takes me forever to write in between posts. I seriously don’t know how some people do it every day. Life is good.. steady and busy as usual. I’m so excited that my shows are back on! Grey’s was awesome as usual. I think it’s going to be taking a different twist then we are used to seeing. Not sure if I like the mean Richard or not.. hopefully it’s just a phase. I laughed so hard at “The Office” too. I can totally relate to the weight loss issues!! I still need to watch “Chuck” and a few other shows. Thank goodness for DVR.
On Sunday we headed to the Phoenix Zoo for Fisher Price day. We didn’t spend too much time there because it was so hot! I tell you, I’m ready for some cool weather to come our way. Today was a tiny bit breezy and it was wonderful. Ellie was more interested in the carousel than the animals. I swear I heard, “I need to ride the giraffe” about 50 times. Needless to say, she did ride it. Here are a few pics from the day:

Tomorrow is October. Is anyone else as shocked as I am about this. Where did the summer go? I mean really, wasn’t yesterday July??? Before you know it, Christmas will be here. Which reminds me.. if you want your family portraits done, now is the time to book them. I’m filling up fast :)

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End of Summer days…

well not really as far as the weather goes. School started this week, so my free time has come to an end. I started a new job with Deer Valley School District and so far it has been a great move for me. I literally work down the street.  My days of commuting are over, which gives me more time to spend on what I love best.. family and photography!  Though I have some families that I have worked with for many years and I will greatly miss interacting with them on a weekly basis.  Though hopefully we will all keep in touch!  Ellie also started school this week.  She loves it and even had the opportunity to ride the bus. It’s amazing how much little kids love the bus.

Last night Chris, Tiffany and Macy came over for dinner and to play a little Wii. It was so fun.  After dinner we let the girls go outside and eat Popsicles.  It was Macy’s first time, though she did it like a pro.  She had hers down in no time, while Ellie literally took about 30 minutes. It was everywhere!  They didn’t let one drop go to waste either. LOL Here’s a few pictures I managed to capture, though trying to get them was like pulling teeth.. they wanted nothing but their yummy treats  :)

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I scrapped

I know it’s amazing.. I haven’t scrapped since last November. I’ve been feeling pretty crafty lately, so I actually sat down and managed to get a couple of pages done….. drumroll please……

(Garden Pop kit by Kim Jensen at FPD. Fonts are Rosewood and Sergio Script)

(Jack & Daisy Kit by Holly McCaig at Inspiration-Lane.com)

I’m completely “rusty” so I have to get back into the groove, but I feel like these are a good start. I am way behind!!! Ok off to actually do some work… oh, I still have vacation photos to show too :)

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My little fish Ellie

Ellie is a complete fish. I mentioned before that she loves to swim and is taking swimming lessons and it’s paying off. Yesterday we went over to some friends of ours to go swimming and I swear we were in the pool for over 2 hours. My hands were so wrinkly and I completely sunburned my back.. oh well, it was still a great time. Here are some pictures of her in the pool:

I just love my camera.. I know I’ve said that a million times, but check out the cool drops of water it captured while swimming… so cool :)

On another note, I started with a personal trainer… I had day 2 today and it is kicking my butt BIG time. I swear I’m so out of shape… but that’s what it’s for right??? I’ll keep you all posted of my progress.. assuming there is some LOL!

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I swear I blink and another week has flown by. Does anyone else feel that way? I know I ask this all of the time, but seriously, where does the time go? I remember as a child, adults would always say that time goes by faster the older you get… they weren’t kidding.

This is the last week of school.. summer is officially here and to kick it off, it was110 degrees here today. That is just crazy. It’s not even June yet.. I can only image what August will be like.

I’m still up to my neck in editing of photos.. as I was going through them I stumbled across this one of Ellie.. I love it. I think I’m going to get it printed and hang it up on a wall somewhere.

Have a great week!

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Today was a great day.. it started off nice and calm, which was perfect! We went for a walk this morning and and Ellie rode her tricycle around the block.  She did such a great job! Turning 3 has made her such a big girl.. hee hee

Then we went to lunch at North, which was super tasty. I had a wonderful Tuscan Chicken salad sandwich.  Yummy.

Then this afternoon the whole family headed over to our house for an awesome dinner that Jeff made. He made fillet mignon and  it turned out perfect. Afterwards we played a couple rounds of Beyond Boulderdash.. I LOVE that game. It makes me laugh out loud every time I play it.

In honor of mother’s day, I decided to dress Ellie in something appropriate:

When you ask her what her shirt says, she replies “Mommy rocks!”  She so smart!!  So to all your mothers out there… you rock.. Happy Mothers Day!

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Ladybug Birthday Party

Yesterday we celebrated Ellie’s 3rd Birthday. The theme was ladybugs and we went all out! It was sooooo fun! Everything was perfect! The cake was amazing!! We got it from Baker Wee, which I highly recommend. The cake was so yummy! We had tons of ladybug decorations and then on the tables, I spread out oreo cookies to look like spots! We even had a bounce house for the kids. For party favors I gave each child a bag with a little bug catcher filled with REAL ladybugs and little magnifying glasses. It was a HUGE hit. The kids loved to look at the bugs. Of course they were all instructed to take them home and release them in their gardens :) Here are a few photos from the day:

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Happy Birthday Ellie!

Today my baby is 3 years old!! I can’t believe it. Time sure has flown by. I’m amazed at the wonderful little person she has become. Her humor is starting to shine through as well as her overall compassion. Unfortunately she is sick on her birthday. She has a nasty head cold with a cough. She stayed home yesterday and today. Here are two pics of her :)

**These are straight off my little point and shoot**

I’m going to watch some American Idol tonight… Love Neil Diamond!!

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How cool is this??? Smilebox is so fun! You can make fun cards and little scrapbooks to share with people. Check out this one I made today with some of my photos of Ellie:

Click to play Ellie Spring 2008
Create your own scrapbook - Powered by Smilebox
Make a scrapbook – it’s easy!

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When the flu hits… it hits hard. I am finally starting to feel better!! On Thursday I woke up to a horrible rash all over my body, so I went to the doctor and they told me I had double ear infections plus a virus. Nice!  I swear I’ve never been as sick. I could barely get my head off of the pillow on Friday… needless to say blogging went on the back burner for a few days!  But yesterday my fever was gone!! I still have the wonderful rash, but at least I feel better!

So what do you do on a cool windy day in Arizona? You go kite flying!!! We went to Costco and  bought this huge kite and went to the park. At first Ellie wasn’t too sure about it, but in the end she had a great time.  Here are a few pics from the day:




It was actually really fun.  I was busy taking the photos.. but I did try to hold the kite for a bit.. I didn’t do too well.  I really can’t remember the last time I flew a kite.  When was your last time???  I really need to make an effort to do fun mindless things.

Today it was back to work.  It was a little hard to get back into the swing of things, but I’m sure tomorrow with my full caseload it will all be like I was never gone.  *sigh*

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