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My Kids are crazy….

but I wouldn’t change them for the world! Ellie is so silly.. she is really starting to get a sense of humor and does everything she can to make Reagan giggle. Reagan, she loves it… she wants to be a big girl so bad… she follows Ellie everywhere and just lightens up when she sees her. Reagan turned 10 months yesterday and I know I sound like a broke record.. but really, I have NO idea where time is going. I swear I feel like I just had Ellie a few months ago… not 5 years ago. Hard to believe she is going to be starting Kindergarten in just a couple of weeks! So here are my 2 girls, in all of their silliness and cuteness (just a little biased)…
A little dinner theater…..

Reagan showing off her chompers..

and one of both of them…

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