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Scottsdale Family Photographer | The {S} Family

I’m a little biased when it comes to this family because Abby is a very dear friend of mine. Abby and I met when we went to Grad school together at NAU. We got married around the same time, had our kids around the same time and the rest is history…. I always love it when friends ask me to take their pictures.. it’s great because we already know each other so everyone is pretty relaxed and we have a great time. For Abby’s family session we decided to go to DC Ranch in Scottsdale. DC Ranch is one of my favorite locations for photography :) Here are a few favorites from out day:

Thanksgiving is seriously around the corner and I can’t believe it! If you need family pictures done, it’s not too late because I still have a couple of spots left!

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Scottsdale Wedding Photographer| Lucy & Chris are Married

Lucy and Chris met working out… I always thought that would be a perfect way to meet your match. I mean seriously, none of us look our best when we work out.. so if someone finds you remotely attractive enough to strike up a conversation when you are sweaty and and out of breathe, then well, you should probably give them a little bit of your time :)  Which is what Lucy did. They met, they talked, and the rest is history :)

Lucy and Chris got married at Starfire Golf Resort, which is beautiful.  Here are a few from our day together:






Lucy and Chris had a HUGE bridal party… 10 on each side. We had to take 12 golf carts to get to the lake to take some pictures….







lucychris1 DSC_7470



Starfire Golf Club was gorgeous! Plus the staff was awesome too!




Thank you Lucy and Chris for sharing your day with me!! To see more photos from this wedding, check out my FB page too!!



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Scottsdale Family Photographer|The Twins are 1!!!

You may remember these little guys… well now they are ONE! I can’t believe how fast time has flown by!! They are still the cutest little guys too… and when you see the pics you’ll see why because their family is so adorable too!! We headed out to DC Ranch early in the morning and captured some great shots.. (before the blazing heat!) Here are some of my favorites (which I had a very hard choosing):

Happy Birthday Nicholas and Carter!  To see more of this cute family check out my Facebook Page… make sure to click “Like”!

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Scottsdale Newborn Photographer| Baby {R} is finally here!!

This is little Ryan and he is adorable.. and I have to tell you that his parents are so happy that he is here and healthy. They waited a long time for Ryan.. and I’m sure they agree with me, that he was definitely worth the wait!! He is so sweet and quite the little snuggler..(is that a word??)  Here are a few favorites from our morning together…

my favorite……

I just love photographing newborns! If you know anyone having a baby soon.. send them my way :)


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Scottsdale Family Photographer| The {L} Family

Like I have said many times before I love photographing my repeat clients! I love to see how much they have grown and it’s always great just to catch up! Really, it’s so amazing what can happen in just a couple of short years! This is the {L} family, and you might recognize them from my blog. Little Jace is now 2 and I have been capturing him on my camera since he was born!! We headed out to the Scottsdale Civic Center Park in the bright morning light and captured some great shots! That is such a pretty area.. I would love to explore it even more and get into some of the back alleyways too :) Anyway, here are a few shots from our day…

and this next one is so cute….. Jace was doing a little dance for everyone :)

Thank you Sherri and Jeff for letting me capture your family again!

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